Wednesday, March 28, 2018


This time of the year I cross-stitch a lot,
many themes, especially for baby-gifts and birthdays, for name days and for fun! A very useful towel, or souvenirs, serve each cause..
take a look and share your thoughts..
I am open to good taste's thoughts..

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein

 In order to keep balance
you need to keep riding
cause life ain't worth running!

 Stars are shinning,
Stare high at the sky ,
don't be shy,
open your wings and fly!

Don't hold on to the past,
new day will come
carry your smile,
bring your truth,
laugh until the end of June,
cause summer is on the go,
pick up your things and blow,

wristle away the fake
and swim into your Lake.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Αισιοδοξία...Happiness is the essence of handmade!!

Έρχεται η άνοιξη, φαίνεται από παντού, είναι διάσπαρτη η ανάγκη για δημιουργία.
Νομίζω κάθε τι που βλέπω, το καδράρω, δηλαδή το κάνω εικόνα και σκέφτομαι πώς θα το κεντήσω. Ξεκινάμε λοιπόν?

Έφυγε και ο χειμώνας,
με τα κρύα, μες στα χιόνια,
η άνοιξη θα φέρει
στη ζωή του καθενός ένα αστέρι!
Λουλουδάκια και πουλάκια, 
ζουζουνάκια, λαγουδάκια!.

Πλησιάζει καλοκαίρι,
θα 'ρθει να σε πάρει από το χέρι,
να σε πάει σε θάλασσα πλατιά,
να σε ταξιδέψει μακρυά
και να μην σε απογοητεύσει πια!
Αλλά πάλι και να σου τύχουν όλα
κέντησέ τα και προχώρα,
ίσως ξεκινήσεις από την αρχή 
αλλά θα είναι πλέον άλλη Εποχή!

Monday, March 12, 2018

"What goes around, comes around....cause nothing hurts like a woman can!"

These lyrics made a huge impression on me so I write this:

For every sadness, life gives you
think of every happiness that life will give you!
Dare you to see someone in the eyes
and you realize
that deep down in our souls,
we are right or we are wrong
that is not real what you see,
that trust not what you see,

Life has already play dice for you,
search more for someone true
because if you don't
you are the FOOL!

No one knows you as you do,
so feel free to trust nobody else but YOU?

Goes on and on...

Find your path...
Follow your dreams...
Start a journey...
Smile at something...

Love until you 
Find your path...
Follow your dreams...
Start a journey...
Smile at something...

cause paths never end,
dreams come true,
journeys ever last,
smile is something you give,
and Love is Love!!!

Love never ends,
Love comes true,
Love lasts forever, 
Love is giving without taking!!!


Love is stitching, 
Stitching is love!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

For all of you! Each and everyone of you...

I will tell you a fairytale about You and Me, in the case of You think of everyone or everything you ever loved, like cross-stitching?!

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved the animals 
and loved the sea,
and loved everything between, 
stars and sky , anything that was so bright,

she met a guy who looked more like a crocodile,
but thanks to luck she run away and took the train,so as to find a better staying.

Later on, she found the joy
deep down the soul of a lonely boy,
she tried to open his heart,
but found nothing else than a shattered sack,
she put the pieces back to their place
and restored the peace and love's grace.


 Till the end they will meet again
her only Love will stay unchanged,
more and more she longs for his kiss,
in the meantime her soulmate gave her the last piece!

 He dedicates to her a poem like this,
so this fairytale ends right here!

 And they lived happily ever after...

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Ο Μάρτης!!!

Ξεκινάω γρήγορα-γρήγορα με το χειροποίημα μέσα στο θέμα της εποχής 
με μαρτάκια κεντημένα με ύφασμα για τα χέρια και αναμνηστικά κρεμαστά με θέματα λουλούδια σε ξύλο.

Ήρθε κι ο Μάρτης
με ήλιο και λουλούδια

Να χαρούν τα πάσης 
φύσεως καλούδια,
να χορεύουν τα παιδιά
σαν σε παιδική χαρά

Να τιτιβίζουν τα πουλάκια
και να βουίζουν μελισσάκια
γέλια και χαχανητά
είναι όλα μία ζωγραφιά...